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Indoor Environmental Inspector

If you need an inspection done quickly or at times other than the schedule times, please give us a call 214-205-8264

When an individual suspects a building related cause for an illness, they contact us.  We confirm the presence of common contaminants, locate the source and make recommendations for improvements.

Online Scheduling

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  • Mold Inspection and Testing

    Testing for the most popular indoor air contaminants, including mold.
  • Indoor Air Quality

  • EMF Testing

    Test for electrical fields, magnetic fields and radio frequency fields individually.  Also take measurements for background radiation and dirty electricity.
  • Asbestos

    Testing for asbestos in building components and/or for contamination in the air.
    • Residential Asbestos Testing $395
      Testing building components for asbestos. This is mainly used before remodeling or construction work begins.
    • Residential Asbestos Air Testing $495
      Asbestos can float in the air for years.  This air test will find out if asbestos is in the air and at what levels.  Good inspection for new home buyers to see previous renovations cause asbestos contamination. 




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